Urban food systems


What makes urban food policy happen? Insights from five case studies

Through a series of five case studies, this report provides insights into the factors that enable the development and delivery of urban food policies, how these enablers can be harnessed, and how barriers can be overcome. 

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July 2019

Participative Urban Farming: Report of field visit to a farm collective in Brussels

IPES-Food Panel Member Bina Agarwal reports on a field visit to a collective farm in the heart of the garden city of Le Logis-Floreal in Brussels. 

May 2017

What makes urban food policy happen? Ingredients for change

Former IPES-Food panel member, Professor Corinna Hawkes and Dr Jess Halliday, consultant and researcher present strategies to implement urban food policies during the Food 2030 workshop "Cities for Food Systems Innovation and Green Jobs".

October 2016

Urban food policies and their role in sustainable food systems

Event Summary for IPES-Food side event at CFS 43 co-organized with IPES-Food, UNESCO Chair on World Food Systems (Montpellier), Ivory Coast, FAO, IUFN. This side event explored governance and implementation of sub-national food policies. It identified how national and international framing can support local level policy, magnify the effects, and assure its longevity.