October 2017 | Health

Unravelling the Food–Health Nexus: Addressing practices, political economy, and power relations to build healthier food systems

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the many interconnected ways in which food systems affect human health, why these negative impacts are systematically reproduced, and why certain problems are not politically prioritized. 

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January 2018

Industry-sponsored science is clouding the picture of how food systems impact health


In January 2018, IPES-Food contributed to the special edition magazine of the Food Ethics Council. The chapter considers how the current structuring, framing, and financing of scientific research bears on our understanding of the health risks generated by food and farming systems. 

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January 2018

Advancing equity, equality and non-discrimination in food systems: Pathways to reform

UNSCN News 43

In a chapter for UNSCN News entitled "Framing the nutrition problem: The political-economic obstacles to healthier diets", IPES-Food Panel Member Cecilia Rocha examines issues holding back our understanding of health impacts and our ability to address them.

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