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Food systems are significantly shaped by the policies and funding flows of international institutions, governments, donors, and private companies, particularly in developing countries. The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) and other global fora provide opportunities to secure smallholder livelihoods and defend access to food, land, and seeds – and to accelerate urgently needed climate action. But these processes face numerous challenges and threats. Through various workstreams, IPES-Food inputs directly into global governance processes, as well as analyzing the funding flows of global food system actors, and identifying opportunities for reforming food system governance and enhancing civil society’s ability to influence it.

In this regard, IPES-Food has released a memo (12 November 2020) outlining our position on the UN Food Systems Summit: why we remain sceptical, and why we are getting involved. IPES-Food has also made the case for a real restructuring of global ag-research centres, notably the CGIAR.


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March 2023 | Global Governance

Breaking the Cycle of Unsustainable Food Systems, Hunger, and Debt: A special report

Our Special Report takes aim at a growing debt crisis that could plunge millions more into hunger – and the critical role of unsustainable food systems in driving rising debt and food insecurity.



Another Perfect Storm? How the failure to reform food systems has allowed the war in Ukraine to spark a third global food price crisis in 15 years, and what can be done to prevent the next one.

Our Special Report takes stock of the critical factors fanning the third food price crisis in 15 years – sparked by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, but fuelled by fundamental flaws in global food systems.

Read the special report ( EN | FR | ES )

July 2021 | Global Governance

An 'IPCC for food'? How the UN Food Systems Summit is being used to advance a problematic new science-policy agenda

IPES-Food warns that the UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) is being used to advance a new mode of decision-making that could exclude many voices in food systems. A small but influential group of actors has long been demanding the creation of a new panel – an ‘IPCC for Food’ – to streamline decisions on the future of food systems. On the eve of the UNFSS Science Days, where the idea will be showcased, IPES-Food underlined the importance of science-based decision-making. However, the briefing note warned that the new panel – as planned – risks imposing a narrow view of science, and shutting down democratic debate.

Read the Brief ( EN | FR | ES )

A Long Food Movement: transforming food systems by 2045

What if farming communities, food workers, environmentalists & consumer groups could join forces to hold multinational food companies to account? Our report with ETC Group argues we need a 25-year #LongFoodMovement. 

Report | FAQs
Executive Summary ( EN | FR | ES ) 

October 2020 | Global Governance | EU

EU Trade Policy for Sustainable Food Systems

IPES-Food and the European Centre for Development  Policy Management (ECDPM) provide specific recommendations on how the EU can support the global transition to more sustainable food systems. As the world’s largest food importer, the EU can use its trade policies and agreements to stimulate and incentivise more sustainable practices by its trade partners.

Read the brief ( EN )

Money Flows: what is holding back investment in agroecological research for Africa?

In collaboration with Biovision and IDS, IPES-Food analyses the financial flows in food system research that go to sub-Saharan Africa. Our new data shows that only a fraction of agricultural research funding in Africa is being used to move food and farming systems towards greater sustainability.

Read the Full Report ( EN ) 
Read the Executive Summary ( EN | FR | ES | DE ) 

COVID-19 and the Crisis in Food Systems

What are the impacts of COVID-19 on food systems? Why are we in the midst of this perfect storm? What can be done immediately to avert more damage to society and the economy? And what are the structural changes we now need to protect people and planet?

Read the Special Report ( EN | FR | ES )

November 2021

The Glasgow Food Climate Declaration

The Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration brings together local and regional authorities from across the world to speak with a unified voice in committing to putting into practice integrated food policies to tackle the climate emergency.

Visit the website

May 2019

Agroecology Info Pool

Part of joint project between Biovision and IPES-Food, the Agroecology Info Pool contains convincing cases, a criteria tool to assess projects or policies, and an assessment of the impacts of various agroecological interventions on all Sustainable Development Goals. This website serves as a platform to provide evidence, knowledge, and experiences on the impacts and multiple benefits of agroecology.

February 2020

Contribution to the CFS Voluntary Guidelines on Food Systems and Nutrition

IPES-Food’s contribution to the first draft of the CFS Voluntary Guidelines on Food Systems and Nutrition (VGFSyN). The contribution supports the CFS process, while underlining current gaps and shortcomings that must be addressed.

November 2019

Contribution to the CFS Policy Convergence on Agroecological and Other Innovative Approaches

IPES-Food's contribution to the FAO Committee on World Food Security (CFS) Policy Convergence Process on Agroecological and Other Innovative Approaches, urging the CFS to make bold recommendations on agroecology, underlining its unique potential to spark food system transformation. 


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December 2021

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These cities and towns have food at the heart of their climate plans. Why don’t nations?

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October 2021

OPINION | The UN’s Big Climate Summit Is Ignoring a Giant Red Flag

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September 2021

Why many food experts don’t want a new international body for food science


September 2021

INTERVIEW | Good COP, bad COP: Why inaction on food systems should be ‘unthinkable’

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September 2021

L'agroécologie s'invite au sommet de l'ONU sur la sécurité alimentaire

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April 2021

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March 2021

‘Big Ag has not delivered’: Food security under threat from agribusiness giants, warns report

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December 2020

OPINION | Governments must lead the charge in agroecology


October 2020

EU net-zero aim 'in tatters' as lawmakers fail to shift farm rules, critics charge


September 2020

Global goals: Is there still time to save the world?


September 2020

OPINION | For sustainable agriculture in West Africa, let’s leave our echo chambers

African Arguments

September 2020

West Africa’s path to resilience and SDGs through agroecology


July 2020

OPINION | ‘One CGIAR’ with Two Tiers of Influence? The Case for a Real Restructuring of Global Ag-Research Centres


July 2020

REGARDEZ | Agriculture en Afrique : des donateurs intéressés ?

France 24

July 2020

OPINION | Need for a radical shift in Africa’s agricultural funding models


June 2020

Agroecology Strengthens Farmers’ Resilience But Highly Underfunded in Africa


June 2020

Industrial agriculture receiving bulk of Africa’s agricultural development funding


May 2020

Olivier De Schutter : "61% des travailleurs dans le monde n'ont aucune protection sociale"


May 2020

Covid-19: Global food supply on a razor's edge

France 24

April 2020

The food supply chain is not yet in danger— but the workers who keep us fed are

The Intercept

March 2020

Op-ed by IPES-Food's Olivier De Schutter and Olivia Yambi


March 2020

Olivier De Schutter comments on opaque preparations for UN Food Systems Summit

The Guardian

February 2020

“We must cultivate our own garden” – Alliance for Agroecology in West Africa gathers in Dakar, ushers in new chapter for agroecology in region


July 2019

Last call for a food systems revolution

UNEP Newsletter