Global Governance

The dominant agricultural paradigms are shaped by the policies and funding flows of international institutions, governments, donors, and private companies, particularly in developing countries. Over the next few years, IPES-Food will be involved in two major projects focused on identifying the key political and financial levers in global food systems, and making the case for reorienting them towards sustainability.

Firstly, ‘The Long Food Movement’ project (2019-2020) will present two contrasting visions: an 'agribusiness as usual' scenario, and a vision of where multi-pronged, multi-sectoral civil society collaboration can get food systems by 2045. IPES-Food and ETC Group plan to work with a wide range of food system actors to inform the analysis, build the vision, and to consolidate the alliances that will be needed to make the vision of long-term collaboration a reality. 

Secondly, through the Advocacy 4 Agroecology project (2018-2020), IPES-Food is working with Biovision to assess the state of play in terms of where agricultural research and development funding is flowing - and why. Despite its promise and proven relevance at practical level, research and development related to agroecology does not appear to have received a commensurate share of research funding. The project will yield a set of case studies analyzing the funding flows of major institutions and how they shape food and farming pathways.


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May 2019

Agroecology Info Pool

Part of joint project between Biovision and IPES-Food, the Agroecology Info Pool contains convincing cases, a criteria tool to assess projects or policies, and an assessment of the impacts of various agroecological interventions on all Sustainable Development Goals. This website serves as a platform to provide evidence, knowledge, and experiences on the impacts and multiple benefits of agroecology.

July 2019

Long Food Movement: 2020 - 2045 - Concept Note

An 18-month exploration of where business-as-usual will leave food systems in 2045, & how enhanced civil society collaboration could lead to more sustainable food systems.

Read the concept note (EN, FR, ES)



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July 2019

Last call for a food systems revolution

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