Food Identities

Diets are changing around the world. This has raised a series of concerns: the globalization of diets, the loss of cultural and agri-diversity, the over-consumption of ultra-processed, high-fat, high-sugar products and associated health risks. Traditional diets, food cultures, and food preparation skills are being eroded. 

These trends are multiple and complex, raising a series of important questions: How are different types of influences (social, material and institutional) playing out? How do shifting food identifies interact with gender, class and ethnic identities? Who and what is exerting the power to influence these shifts? As diets change, deeper understanding is also required about food environments, i.e. the physical, economic, and sociocultural conditions that influence people’s food choices. These questions will be addressed by IPES-Food in a series of upcoming reports.


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November 2017

L’alimentation «low cost» coûte très cher !

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