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Bringing agroecological alternatives to light in West Africa

While industrial agriculture promises short-term increases in productivity, it is yet to provide a convincing answer to the question of how countries can reduce their reliance on imported food and farming inputs, adapt to climate change, sustain the resource base and providing nutritious diets for all. From 2017-2019, IPES-Food undertook a process of engagement, consultation, alliance-building and collaborative research to bring agroecological alternatives to light in West Africa. This process contributed to the creation of the Alliance for Agroecology in West Africa (3AO), and culminated in the publication of an analysis on the barriers and opportunities for the development of agroecology in the region.

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September 2020

The added value(s) of agroecology: Unlocking the potential for transition in West Africa

West Africa has all the ingredients to become the epicenter of the global agroecology movement, and one of the frontrunners in transition to sustainable and equitable food systems. Through a three-year participatory research process, IPES-Food identified eight key obstacles to agroecology in West Africa, but also four leverage points where sustained action could accelerate the agroecological transition in the region.

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March 2020

“We must cultivate our own garden” – Alliance for Agroecology in West Africa gathers in Dakar

The Alliance for Agroecology in West Africa (3AO) met for a strategic meeting in Dakar, Senegal, on 27-29 January 2020. Farmers and peasant organisations from across West Africa joined forces with international development agencies and research centres to give impetus to a growing agroecological movement. Now, 3AO has more than 60 member organisations from West African countries, many of which represent small-holders and rural farming communities. They met in Dakar to take stock of 3AO’s multiple initiatives in West Africa and finalise a comprehensive action plan that will see real progress for agroecology in the region.

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August 2018

Alliance for Agroecology in West Africa (3AO) Brochure

A brief overview of the Alliance for Agroecology in West Africa (3AO), created in April 2018, during a West African multi-stakeholder meeting co-organized by IPES-Food and ROPPA. 3AO aims to promote and support an agroecological transition in West Africa to ensure resilient, sustainable livelihoods adapted to local agricultural challenges. 

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April 2018

3AO kick-off meeting summary & roadmap of activities

On April 19-20, 2018 in Dakar, IPES-Food and ROPPA co-hosted a multi-stakeholder meeting, during which over 40 participants agreed on a roadmap of actions to promote agroecology at local, national and regional levels. The Alliance for Agroecology in West Africa (‘3AO’ - Alliance pour l’Agroécologie en Afrique de l’Ouest) was launched to coordinate activities.

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July 2018

3AO Terms of membership

3AO brings together a wide range of organizations working collectively to promote and support a transition to agroecology in West Africa.  The platform invites all organizations interested to read the terms of membership below for more information on how to join.

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March 2017

Project concept note

Concept note on IPES-Food's process of research and engagement in West Africa on "Bringing agroecological alternatives to light". 

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