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Urgent action is needed to address the structural inequities in the U.S. food and farming system. A US National Food Policy could bridge existing policy gaps and contradictions by creating a coherent, coordinated, and integrated framework for all sectors affecting the food system. Such a policy would go far beyond the US Farm Bill, with the aim of fostering a food system capable of ensuring a safe and sustainable future for those who work the land, the health of land and waters, and access to healthy and nutritious foods for all Americans. Rooted in existing efforts and movement building, IPES-Food’s US team is looking to support a process through which policymakers, the private sector, researchers, tribal nations, and civil society might align their efforts to make a sustainable US food system a reality. 


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September 2020

US Food Policy Process Concept Note

Beginning in the Fall of 2020, IPES-Food's US-based team is looking to support collaborative work to build a National Food Policy for an agroecological, regenerative, sustainable, and equitable food system for the USA.