Long Food Movement

To address the enormous challenges facing our food systems in the decades ahead, civil society must strengthen existing collaborations, reach out to new allies, and develop long-term transformational strategies. In other words, a ‘Long Food Movement’ is required, with an outlook that extends not only to the conclusion of the SDG cycle in 2030, but onto a presumed third round of development goals (2030-2045). Over the next 18 months, IPES-Food, ETC Group and CREPPA at UQAM will make the case for a Long Food Movement by painting a picture of what food systems might look like in 2045, depending on the extent to which civil society is able to collaborate and shift the balance of power in food systems. This will be a shared assessment: the outlooks and strategies of wide-ranging civil society groups will be built into the analysis through interviews and multi-partner dialogues.


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July 2019

Long Food Movement - Concept Note

An 18-month exploration of where business-as-usual will leave food systems in 2045, & how enhanced civil society collaboration could lead to more sustainable food systems.

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