Towards A Common Food Policy for the EU


A three-year process of research and deliberation will come to a head on February 7th, when IPES-Food releases its final report, 'Towards a Common Food Policy for the EU'. 

IPES-Food's Common Food Policy vision has been developed over the course of five policy labs in Brussels, four local labs around Europe, and the EU Food and Farming Forum ('EU3F'), which brought together more than 200 food system actors in May 2018. 

On September 12-13, IPES-Food's Desmond McNeill participated in an evaluation and brainstorming workshop on healthy and sustainable food systems hosted by the EU's Joint Research Centre (JRC), a feed-in event to November's Austrian Presidency conference. 

Freiburg creates a Food Council

The city of Freiburg (Germany) founded a Food Policy Council on July 21 2018. The council will continue the discussions and work started at the Freiburg Local Lab, co-organized by IPES-Food as part of the Common Food Policy process.


Who is talking about a common Food policy? 


We could do this too.

— Marion Nestle (@marionnestle) February 9, 2019