IPES-Food debates agroecological alternatives with Italian Foreign Ministry and Rome-based agencies at high-level Rome meeting

19 May 2017

(19.05.2017) A transition from industrial agriculture to diversified agroecological systems was at the top of the agenda this week at a high-level meeting co-organized by IPES-Food and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Rome, 18 May).


Aligning trade with sustainable development: Brussels round-table traces out steps towards integrated sustainable food policy

04 May 2017

Policymakers came together on Tuesday May 2 with scientists, civil society groups and food and farming industry representatives to debate the role of trade in the sustainable food systems of the future.


Supporting Alternative Food Systems - next steps in defining a Common Food Policy Vision for Europe

04 Apr 2017

(3.4.2017) On Thursday March 29, policy-makers, scientists, civil society groups and food entrepreneurs came together in Brussels to share ideas on how to better support alternative food system initiatives in Europe.


New project: Bringing agroecological alternatives to light in West Africa

20 Mar 2017

(20.03.2017) For more than a decade now, agricultural development has been rising up the agenda for many African countries.