NEW REPORT: ‘Too big to feed us’ - Expert panel sounds the alarm on mega-mergers and calls for urgent review

12 Oct 2017

(13th October – Rome) Dominant agri-food firms have become too big to feed humanity sustainably, too big to operate on equitable terms with other food system actors, and too big to drive the types of innovation we need.


NEW REPORT: ‘An overwhelming case for action’ - expert panel identifies unacceptable toll of food and farming systems on human health

09 Oct 2017

(9th October - Rome) Industrial food and farming systems are making people sick in a variety of ways, and are generating staggering human and economic costs - according to a major new report from the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food).


Addressing health impacts and mega-mergers: launch of two new reports at UN food security summit (CFS)

03 Oct 2017

(03.10.2017) Two major reports will be launched by IPES-Food next week, addressing two of the most pressing issues in global food systems: the impacts of food and farming systems on human health, and the effects of mega-mergers in the agri-food industry.


PUBLIC EVENT (TURIN): Making sustainable food policies a reality: from the Local to the European level

06 Jul 2017

PUBLIC EVENT ORGANIZED BY IPES-FOOD & IUC TORINO: 13 July, 6.15pm, Circolo dei lettori Torino, Via Bogino 9

European citizens may have some choice when it comes to the food they put into their shopping baskets, but they have not chosen the food systems that serve up that food. There is currently no EU ‘food policy’. What we eat is shaped by disconnected policies in different areas (agriculture, food safety, trade, environment) and at different levels (EU, national, local), with minimal participation among the general public.