New report launch at CFS: 7 case studies of agroecological transition

On October 15, IPES-Food will launch a new report detailing seven agroecological transitions from around the world. 

The case studies included in the report are: 

  • Santa Cruz, California: Redesigning strawberry production systems through a farmer-researcher partnership.  
  • San Ramón, Nicaragua & Veracruz, Mexico: Breaking away from industrial commodity production in Latin American coffee-growing communities. 
  • Chololo, Tanzania: Rethinking food, farming forest and resource management to build an 'Ecovillage'. 
  • Puhan Rural Community, Shanxi, China: Rebuilding community ties as a pathway to cooperative-led local food systems.
  • Drôme Valley, France: Making the radical mainstream and the mainstream radical to build Europe's first organic region.   
  • Vega, Andalusia, Spain: Sustaining transition through changing political winds.  
  • Cuba: Turning economic isolation into an opportunity for agroecological transition.

The report will be launched at a side event on Transitions to Agroecology on October 15 at the FAO Committee on World Food Security (CFS).

The side event will also feature contributions from the governments of Switzerland, France, Senegal, from the private sector, researchers, and will include discussion of a new platform for agroecology in West Africa by ROPPA (see below).