Expert Panel

The role of the Expert Panel is to produce reports, case studies and other high-quality analytical outputs on various topics connected to sustainable food systems. The Expert Panel is currently composed of 23 highly-respected individuals (see Panel Members), rising to a maximum of 25. Many of these individuals have affiliations to other committees, organizations and institutions in the food systems field. This overlap will allow IPES-Food to ensure that its work is complementary to those initiatives. However, all experts sit on the panel in their individual capacity, and do not represent any other organizations within IPES-Food.

The panel has been appointed for an initial three-year term (2015-2018). At the end of that cycle membership can be renewed for up to another full term. New members of the Panel are appointed by the Advisory Committee, following nominations from the outgoing Panel and external recommendations. They are selected on the basis of their individual expertise and understanding of food systems, their willingness to listen and learn, and their commitment to building bridges across constituencies in support of transitions to sustainable food systems. In each term it will be ensured that a basic balance is maintained between the gender, geographic origins, scientific disciplines and types of knowledge represented in the panel.