UPCOMING REPORT: 'What enables urban food policies: Lessons learned from stories of change'

IPES-Food is currently drafting a report on urban food policies due for publication in late Spring 2017. The report examines how food policies have been developed and delivered in several cities of the Global North and the South. The main questions adressed in the report are:

  • What have been the factors that have driven policy forward?
  • What are the barriers to putting these policies in place and how have they been overcome?
  • What can be learned from these experiences for addressing the multitude of food-related challenges in cities today, from waste to obesity, climate change to food safety?

On the basis of interviews and extensive review of existing documentation of five urban food policies, this report will answer these questions by examining the interplay of different political and economic interests, sectors, and  levels of governance that come together to shape these policy pathways. We call this the ‘political economy’ of policy-making.

An abstract containing some of the initial findings can be found here.