Marina Yamaoka

Marina Yamaoka joined IPES-Food in September 2018 as a research assistant to support the panel's different workstreams.

She is a sustainable development professional currently enrolled at SciencesPo Paris Master's program in International Development. Marina is doing research for her thesis on the recent Kenyan national agriculture strategy and the role played by the private sector in its formulation.

Prior to that, she worked for 6 years as a project manager and communication strategist for several NGO’s such as Greenpeace, Instituto Socioambiental, WWF, Funbio, and Global Call for Climate Action. Marina led communications strategies for climate change and renewable energy campaigns, wrote articles and technical reports, and produced documentaries and multimedia projects on different topics from social and environmental impacts of hydro dams in the Amazon to agroforestry initiatives in the Xingu basin.

Marina was born in Brazil and graduated from the School of Journalism of the University of São Paulo in 2011.

Marina Yamaoka can be reached :