Jennifer Franco

is a research associate in the Agrarian and Environmental Justice (AEJ) Program of the Transnational Institute (TNI), and an adjunt professor at the College of Humanities and Development Studies (COHD) of the China Agricultural University in Beijing. She has a PhD in political science, and works in a scholar-activist tradition. Her research interest is in the role of rural democratization in broader democratization processes, specifically the role of deep social reforms of agrarian structures and institutions and agrarian movements in these political processes. Her continuing action research and political work are focused on the politics of natural resources (land, water, seas and forests) and agrarian movement building and mobilization. In this work, food politics, and the struggle for food sovereignty, are central. Her ongoing work includes the intersection of climate change politics (mitigation and adaptation), and how these intersect with resource grabbing, that in turn provoke old and new conflicts. She also works on global governance instruments and principles (human rights, accountability mechanisms, and so on), law and justice, as well as conflict resolution mechanisms, and how all these are interpreted and implemented in politically contested processes. She has carried out work at international civil society platforms and spaces and in several countries over the years – especially in Myanmar. She has published in numerous journal articles and has co-edited journal special issues on these topics.